Infinity - The Global Travel Gateway for XML Purchasing & Distribution

Infinity, when placed at the very heart of an organisations technology strategy, consolidates the many different components that make up the itineraries of today's trips and holidays and makes them available through all your distribution channels.

This incredibly powerful and scalable tool from Top Dog, will allow you to sell ANY stock from ANY supplier in the world so long as they have embraced the web services and XML technology that allows the electronic distribution of travel products.

Direct connection to 100's of travel suppliers

  • Charter Flights
  • Accommodation Suppliers
  • Travel Insurance
  • Low Cost Airlines
  • Car Rental
  • Airport Parking
  • Scheduled Airlines
  • Transfers
  • Attraction Tickets/Tours
  • Airport Hotels

All holiday components from your choice of suppliers anywhere in the world can be made available on single or multiple platforms that can feed in and out of existing sales channels and back office computer systems:

  • Front & Back Office System
  • White Label Website
  • Consumer Websites
  • Third Party Websites
  • Trade Websites
  • Affiliate Marketers
  • Mobile Applications